Hi! I'm Annabel. I have a rule that if my clients can't explain what they do so simply their parents would get it, it's not simple enough. So I should probably take my own advice.

I'm a freelance marketer. I help global SaaS companies grow their pipeline by designing campaigns and writing copy that tells a great story to potential customers.

I believe that copywriting should be part of an overall journey you want to bring your potential clients on. I'm a big fan of data and asking why, and I understand the complexity of B2B SaaS sales. I love my job, and I love working with innovative companies every day to grow their businesses!

Freelance marketer, data aficionado, mediocre chef

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I'm from Reading, a town in the South-West of England. Like many others, I hopped gleefully up the M4 to London as soon as I graduated. I do owe the town of Reading my first ever published writing, aged 13, in the local paper. The piece was called 'Wellies in the Classroom' (ouch, I know), about a farming project we did in science. 


I graduated in Politics and Human Rights, and my Dad told me my greatest skill is that I'm really, really persuasive. While I now use that skill to nudge B2B prospects down the pipeline, being a good communicator has always been a core part of what makes me. My persuasiveness/ inability to let things go serves me well with campaigns and getting s**t done in marketing!


I'm married! This is my lovely husband Graham, and my cat Forest. Not sure which one is the love of my life to be honest, although Graham has been around longer. If I'm not writing or strategising about marketing, you can usually find me at home talking to the cat, or travelling the world with Graham. Unfortunately, the cat doesn't want to come just yet.


We've spent the last 2 years renovating our Edwardian house in South East London, and that's been a labour of love. This is a picture of the time I accidentally ordered a bathtub that weighed 180kg and had to hire a crane to get it off the pavement. Fun fact: it made it in the bathroom, but we had to reinforce the floor!


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Annabel has a deep understanding of the SaaS and eCommerce landscapes. Her great campaigns regularly hit the mark with senior executives.

Michael Green, Senior AVP Sales, Salesforce

Annabel, this is excellent. I like your tone, your stance, and your use of statistics. This is the first piece of outsourced content I would proudly publish.

Ryan Neu, CEO, Vendr

The workshop was perfect. We’ve got so much more clarity on our target audience and how we’re going to grow the business. Thank you!

CEO, Retail Tech Startup