Running marketing for a large technology company is a bit like being an octopus. Or a conductor of a large brass band. It’s hard. There are so many moving parts and everytime you open Twitter the latest guru is telling you you can growth-hack your way to a bazillion new customers if you just did this one thing.

Spoiler alert: You can’t. 

I’ve worked with a number of clients over the last 3 years freelancing on fixing a particular element of their business. For some, it’s been redoing their value proposition and messaging framework to create a direction for their content marketing, and for others it’s been funnel analysis and fixing the leak.

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A lot of the time we get hung up on ‘leads leads leads’. Yes, that’s important- and I’ve generated exactly 5,871 for my clients so far this year- but it’s not the only piece of the puzzle. I’ve worked with one client on redoing their sales enablement strategy. Once we realised that the problem was conversion, specifically getting to the business buyer as well as the technical buyer, we were able to put in a programme of work addressing that. 

For another client, we worked on up-sell and cross-sell strategies to maximise new acquisitions their company had made. Consulting is a catch-all term for using my experience- 12 years running marketing, designing campaigns, thousands of leads and millions of dollars in closed business- to fix things.

Probably best to have a chat for this one. 

Annabel set a new bar for field marketing in Europe at Sprinklr. Navigating a large sales organisation, without a roadmap and minimal supporting infrastructure, she blazed ahead to launch an impressive portfolio of activations. Within months, her impact was felt on the pipeline.

Margi Lynn, Senior Director Field Marketing, Sprinklr

Annabel, this is excellent. I like your tone, your stance, and your use of statistics. This is the first piece of outsourced content I would proudly publish.

Ryan Neu, CEO, Vendr

The workshop was perfect. We’ve got so much more clarity on our target audience and how we’re going to grow the business. Thank you!

CEO, Retail Tech Startup

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