Words that work. What does that mean, exactly?

You don’t need me to tell you that people are busy. Like, crazy busy. And they’re bombarded by words from companies just like yours trying to sell them something. 

The average person receives 121 emails a day. And that’s the average person. I’ve worked in some of the biggest software companies in the world and I can tell you it was a LOT more than that. Plus Slack, or Teams, and trying to buy my mum a birthday present with 50 different pop-ups getting in the way, and my husband Whatsapping me about this new show we need to watch….it’s a lot.

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You need your company to stand out, so when the decision maker in that huge company you’ve been targeting for AGES gets your email land in their inbox they just..can’t…help but open it. And read it. And click on the link. My emails have been delivered to over 10 million people by technology companies this year. 
When they get to your landing page, it needs to not be crap. It needs to lead with buyer psychology, really GRAB them and get them taking the next step, because your company clearly understands every pain point that is keeping THEM from watching that new show.

I write for the full funnel, so when that lovely lead lands in the business development queue, they’re on the ball too. I write event scripts, podcast scripts, speeches, first call decks- I don’t give up once the lead is in and I love tweaking the journey. Words that work tie together the whole way through- from advert or email, to blog, to exactly what a salesperson is going to say at that very first meeting. 

The problem with working with some of these companies is that a lot is on the down low. People don’t like sharing their competitive advantages. Having said that, there’s a few examples below.

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