Should you sponsor this event? How can you promote a new eBook effectively? How should you spend your marketing budget, what’s your forecast and how can you get marketing a proper seat at the table?

My strategy service builds out your plan for you for the next 6 or 12 months. I usually recommend a 12 month plan, because that’s how business works, with 3 monthly reviews, because customers move faster than accounting.

We’ll design an end-to-end multitouch campaign journey together, anchored in solid messaging (because when was the last time a journey was linear?), and backed up by my experience and connections of what works, what doesn’t, and which vendors can be negotiated with. We’ll dig deep into your target audience first, and create a plan together that moves your business forward. I can even help you hire marketers to go and execute it. 

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We worked with Annabel on setting up a strategy for partner marketing in Europe, including tiering, messaging and touchpoint strategy. It gave our team proper direction and we were able to focus on high growth areas with success.

Seamus O’Riordan, VP Global Alliances, Coveo

Annabel, this is excellent. I like your tone, your stance, and your use of statistics. This is the first piece of outsourced content I would proudly publish.

Ryan Neu, CEO, Vendr

The workshop was perfect. We’ve got so much more clarity on our target audience and how we’re going to grow the business. Thank you!

CEO, Retail Tech Startup

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