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Fill your pipeline with qualified leads through integrated marketing campaigns, underpinned by stories that appeal to actual humans. With over 12 years of experience driving multi-million dollar pipeline for global SaaS companies like Salesforce, Adobe and Sprinklr, I design journeys that bring perfect-fit prospects right to your door.

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I'm annabel. I'm in the business of telling great stories to grow your revenue

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Annabel has a deep understanding of the SaaS and eCommerce landscapes. Her great campaigns regularly hit the mark with senior executives.

Michael Green, Senior AVP Sales, Salesforce

Annabel, this is excellent. I like your tone, your stance, and your use of statistics. This is the first piece of outsourced content I would proudly publish.

Ryan Neu, CEO, Vendr

The workshop was perfect. We’ve got so much more clarity on our target audience and how we’re going to grow the business. Thank you!

CEO, Retail Tech Startup


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Got a gap in your team or unsure your marketing is working effectively? Let me analyse your pipeline and level up your marketing efforts.

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Not sure where to begin? Let’s look at your market, your messaging, and your customers and work out how to nail it, together.

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High impact, high-converting content across your marketing funnel. From adverts to events, sales enablement to eBooks, I specialise in words that work.

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So, you’ve worked out what you want to say and to whom, and you’ve written a piece of content that speaks specifically to their pain points. You can pat yourself on the back. But if a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, etc… Your content is only useful if […]

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