Is there a blog post that’s more difficult to write than ‘about me’/ ‘why the hell am I doing this’? If there is, I haven’t found it. Once upon a time there was a woman called Annabel who worked at a big software company beginning with ‘Sales’ and ending with ‘Force’. That’s not good is […]



Happy Birthday to Annabel Fay Consulting According to Companies House, it’s a year since I incorporated this company. Happy Birthday to Annabel Fay Consulting! It was 13th February 2019. I was still employed full time at Salesforce, my overdraft was full of Topshop and Starbucks, and I had no idea why I’d set up a […]

Tuesday Thoughts: The Importance of Vulnerability in Business Yesterday was, for a lot of people, the first day back in the office after an extended Christmas break. I worked sporadically over Christmas, but for me it felt like the first day back too. My anxiety was through the roof.



Tuesday Thoughts: Reflections on my first month I’m sitting at my kitchen table eating Celebrations, listening to Christmas music, and can’t quite comprehend that it’s DECEMBER already. That means it’s the end of the first month of Annabel Fay Consulting! It’s been an incredible month, and I’ve loved every minute of it. Here’s my reflections […]



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